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Top 12 of Europe's 

Most Beautiful Gothic Cathedrals 


At a height of 142 meters, Strasbourg cathedral was until the 19th century the world's highest building. it is a masterpiece of rayonnant gothic architecture. Its construction started in 1015 and was completed in 1439.  

About Europe's Gothic Cathedrals

They are probably hundreds of gothic cathedrals around Europe and it is certainly hard to select the most striking or the most beautiful ones. The choice of this feature can only be arbitrary. 


Gothic style started in the 12th century in France. Increasing wealth in cities pushed for the construction of larger, more imposing religious structures such as cathedrals. England, Germany, Flanders, Northern Italy and Spain also adopted the gothic style.


cathedrals reflect the artistic spirit of the time and are often like giant museums of their time.

The Gothic style became more refined over centuries. "High Gothic" in the 12th century, "Rayonnante" gothic arrived in the 13th and early 14th centuries. In late 14th century and in the 15th century, the Flamboyant style made its way with its flamelike motifs.


Italy was the first country to move out of gothic from 1450 with churches integrating architectural details announcing the renaissance. 

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