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Black Sea,

Europe's other Riviera 

Most Asian travellers have heard little of the Black sea, an internal sea located between Southeast Europe and Western Asia. 580 km of coastlines belong to the European Union and are shared between Bulgaria and Romania. They face Ukraine, Turkey and Russia, the countries have the longest coastline.


For many decades, the Sea was the favourite sun destination for citizens of communist countries in Eastern Europe. It is now open to all visitors of Europe with more than just beaches to enjoy. 

Photo Mera Resort hotels, Cap Aurora (Romania)


European Union

Lev in Bulgaria

LEU in Romania

- an unusual destination relatively unknown from Asian travellers.

- A relatively closer destination in Europe from Asia as it is on the southeast side of the European Union and faces Western Asia.  

- A perfect sun and beach destination with many cultural attractions.

- a great area for nature lovers especially around the Danube river Delta.

- Mild to hot climate with sun from april to October. 

- good value for money.

- high hygiene standards as it is part of the European Union. 

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