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Playing with its Fortress

Luxemburg used to be the most fortified city in Europe with fortifications stretching over 180 ha, Demolished in the 19TH


they have been turned in recent years into gardens and playgrounds for leisure and cultural activities. They form A unique landscape in Europe.

Why choose Luxemburg City?


Schengen area


- Luxemburg City is the European Union smallest capital city with a population of 120,000 inhabitants. 

- At the crossroads of Western Europe, it is easily accessible by air and rail.

- Free public transport in the city and the rest of the country.

- Despite being small, Luxemburg's cultural life is very similar to the offer of large metropolis. 

- Multilingual city with english, german, french spoken by everyone. 

- Safe destination.

- Easy to combine on a trip including Belgium, France and Germany. 

- Ideal as a week-end destination. 

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