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Christmas  in Europe

Coming from the nearby Alps, A Christmas tree stands 18 meter high in the old town of innsbruck. The illuminations of the tree marks the start of christmas festivities in the regional capital of Tyrol (Austria) 

The Magic of  European Christmas   d 

When the  night falls down early, when temperatures start to sink, reaching in some areas the frozen point, christmas stands around the corner in Europe. The long dark nights explain why european christmas traditions have a lot to do with lighting. candles and bulbs are seen everywhere.


A religious celebration for christians to commemorate  the birth of Jesus, Christmas is also assorted by numerous traditions and customs varying from one country to another. In many countries, the period of christmas starts four weeks before december 25 with the advent time being celebrated in Scandinavia and german-speaking countries. In some others such as Italy, Spain or France, the three kings or Magi are also celebrated on january 6 (epiphany). January 6 officially closes christmas celebrations. 

It might be cold in Europe but christmas brings a kind of magic to the season. The christmas markets, the huge christmas trees in cities, the snow, the illuminations or the special dishes, they all contribute to make that time of the year very special. Come to europe to enjoy it! 

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