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Along the Loops of the Moselle River

Less known than the Rhine or the Danube, the Moselle River unveils landscapes made of gentle hills

along meandres and loops offering perfect shapes.

  Why choose a Moselle River circuit ?


- The Moselle River crosses three countries giving the opportunity to experience different cultures. 

- A great destination for a relaxing river cruise.

- Ideal for a bicycle holiday thanks to special trails all along the Moselle. 

- A relatively unknown region for Asian travellers offering a complete experience for fans of exceptional panoramas, culture, history and nature.

- Excellent gastronomy and wines. 

- Urban vibe and good shopping in many cities such as Nancy, Metz, Trier or Koblenz. 

- Safe destination

- Easy to reach with air connections from Frankfurt, Paris, Luxemburg or Basel/Mulhouse airports with good rail connectivity. 


Schengen area


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