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The "City West" covers the centre of former West-Berlin. The half-town was symbolized by these two architectural icons: the ruin of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and the Europa Centre skyscraper with its Mercedes sign. 

The City West is again a bustling area with its shops, cafes, hotels and cultural attractions.


Go West !

Why Choose Berlin (West) ?

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EUropean Union

Schengen area


Between 1949 and 1990, the western part of Berlin was an autonomous city. In the middle of a Communist-dominated East Germany,  surrounded by the Wall, the half city had its own political, cultural and economic institutions.  West-Berlin became the icon of the Western world. A multicultural tolerance, the acceptance of all kind of alternative forms of life, sexual freedom, a cultural haven, West Berlin was all of that... 

The reunification of the city in October 1990 signed the end of West Berlin's own way of life. These days, visitors focus their interest on the Eastern part of town. No wonder:

most of Berlin major historical attractions and trendy districts

are located in the East. 

However, the Western part of Berlin has much to offer.

With many attractions, it would even be possible to spend an entire 

holiday there without going to the east. With its relaxed atmosphere, its easy way

of life, give a try and GO WEST! 

I visited and lived in

West-Berlin in the 1980s.

I keep fond memories of these years. This feature is my tribute to the town.



West Berlin ! 

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