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Exotic Winter Delights

For Asian travellers, going to the Northern part of Finland in winter is probably one of the most "exotic" trips to ever do. "Exotic" means literally in ancient Greek "foreign" or "from another country". 

With its snowy wild landscapes, Finnish Lapland is indeed the most extraordinary open-air stage to the Northern Lights' phenomenon. The Northern Lights are visible on roughly 200 nights a year – or every other clear night. One at least waits for your visit! 

Photo: Visit Finland/Jorma Luhta / Leuku

Why chosing Lapland's Northern Lights in Finland? 


Schengen area


- a Winter holiday in Lapland is one of the most possible 'exotic' holiday in Europefor asian Travellers.

- An extended season from november to April. 

- A fun and unusual type of holiday.

- Perfect for instagram lovers with plenty of spectacular pictures opportunities.

- A safe destination.

- Cool and easy-going locals.

- an easy to reach destination thanks to the extensive asian network of Finland national carrier finnair to Helsinki with onwards connections to Lapland. 

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