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Schengen area


  • France second largest metropolis is ideally located on the way to the Alps or the Mediterranean Sea. Easy to combine with a trip to Switzerland. 

  • Spectacular city panoramas for Instagram followers

  • Easy access with many low cost airlines but also high speed trains 

  • Fabulous destination for foodies and shopping-freaks. 

  • Cultural metropolis with a dozens of museums, opera, theatres and concert halls

  • Vibrant urban life thanks to the presence of many universities.


French Capital of Gastronomy 

It is the second largest metropolis in France with 1.65 million inhabitants. However, Lyon is definitely France's capital city of gastronomy as well as a fabulous destination to discover!

Pastry Chef Richard Sève, Photo: Studio Erick Saillet- Lyon Tourisme et Congrès

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