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Strasbourg, the capital city of the Alsace region, has a long tradition of celebrating Christmas. It is said that the first Chrsitmas market was created around 1570 and was lasting only during the three days before Christmas. Stretching in front of the cathedral and in the neighbouring street, Strasbourg Christmas Markets turned into an important religious and commercial event in the 19th century. It then expanded in front of the City Hall (Broglie Square). The modern edition with all the streets of Strasbourg being illuminated dates from the 1990s and it has since grown in popularity. Millions of visitors come every year to see the atmospheric market. 2020 will be remebered as a special year. With the COVID pandemics, all Chrsitmas markets were cancelled for the first time. But the city was still glittering of thousands of lightings while the traditional giant Christmas Tree stood again Place Kleber in the city centre. 

Strasbourg, europe's christmas capital


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