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1042-Lueneburger-Heide-Turmberg-Blick Lu

Northern Germany,

 Land of Legends and Fairy Tales

Although Northern Germany is less favoured for holidays by Asian travellers, the region offers unique discoveries. It is the cradle of most German myths and fairy tales with dwarfs, elves and witches rubber shoulders in the impressive landscapes of Harz mountains, where medieval towns barely changed over centuries and where castles and gardens seem to come out of a storybook.

legends are really alive in Northern Germany !

Picture: Lueneburger-Heath, Turmberg

Luneburger Heide GmbH



Schengen area



-An original tour in less-known Northern Germany.

- Easy air connections from Asia to berlin, Hamburg or Hannover.

-Authenticity garanteed with few international travellers.

-A full experience circuit with spectacular landscapes, history and culture.

- A fun theme around legends and myths with possible activities, including for families.

-Possibility to do the tour by using public transport such as trains.

-Best season to travel from May to September.

- Atmospheric times in winter with traditional christmas markets and lighting in November and December.

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