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like no other in Italy

Chaotic, brash, energetic but always fascinating. Naples is a world on its own, far from the polished beauty of Florence or Venice. The beauty of Naples lies in the permanent spectacle of the city between Vesuvius and the Mediterranean.



Schengen area


  • perfect combination of culture and mediterranean atmosphere

  • mild to hot climate with many hours of sunshine

  • Despite being Italy's third largest city with over a million inhabitants, Naples remains relatively unknown by Asian tourists. Ideal to combine with rOME. 

  • Superb handicraft and Excellent local food.

  • good value for money destination.

  • The National Museum has a world-famous collection of frescoes, paintings and statues of the Roman empire. 

  • the cities of Herculanum and Pompei are outstanding archaological sites to discover one of the most extraordinary civilisations of the antique world.

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