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Centre of Europe's History

Gdansk/Danzig. Its name in both Polish and German tells all about a city which was torn down for centuries between Germany and Poland.


Today Gdansk is Poland's largest City on the Baltic Sea. It is also important for Europeans as the city shaped the modern history of the continent.

- gdansk is Poland largest metropolis on the Baltic sea and is part of a conurbation including the city of Gdynia and Sopot.

- Perfect destination for history and architecture lovers.

- The magnificent old town is very "instagrammable".

- gdansk cultural stay can be easily combined with a seaside holiday along the baltic sea with its white sans beaches.

- excellent value for money with prices for hotels and restaurants cheaper than in many other european countries. 

Best season is from May to the end of September when days are warm. 

- As a university town, Gdansk has a lively scene with numerous  bars, restaurants and clubs. It is also a centre for visual arts.

-Safe destination


Schengen area


Why choose Gdansk?

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