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COVID-19 has a positive effect for visitors to Venice !

City authorities in Venice just announced that they would postpone the introduction of a new tax on travelers to January 1st, 2022. The tax was decided in a bid to limit the number of day-trippers to the town. Try to enjoy the city for free in 2021!

In recent years, the magnificent Italian city has turned increasingly into a victim of overtourism. Venice city administration estimates that over 30 million people come every year to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the town nestled in its Laguna.

Venice's new tax was due to become active during summer 2020 but the coronavirus pandemics emptied the city completely during several months.

The tax is called "contributo di accesso," or "access fee" will be priced according to how busy the city. During the peak season, authorities would have charged up to €10 (equivalent to 12 dollars). The fee would be paid online as day visitors will have to register to get a visit slot. However, tourists spending at least one overnight in a city hotel would be exempted.

Now, Venice has confirmed that it will be free to any day-tripper in 2021. Hoping to see international travelers again next year. Meanwhile tourists able to come for now to Venice will enjoy the beauty of the palaces, churches and canals for themselves...

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