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Street art in Brussels celebrate social issues and everyday heroes

More and more cities around the world turn grey or blind buildings' façades into pieces of art. Brussels is no exception but the city turns street art into a form of expression on current issues. Environment, social and racial discrimination, urban violence, daily work of anonymous people: they are all turning into pieces of art to discover across the Belgian capital.

The choice of street arts is linked to the fact that streets are accessible places where people are easily reached, regardless of their origins. By collaborating with or supporting street artists, various institutions of Brussels tackle subjects that are dear to the hearts of the city’s inhabitants. These collaborations have resulted in symbolic works that reflect current events.

The latest piece of art recently unveiled is a giant mural over medical people involved during the coronavirus crisis. It thanks the men and women who showed solidarity and expertise during the health crisis ( to be seen in Rue de l'Abricotier 7 Abrikozenboomstraat).

Another mural pays tribute to the staff of the Etterbeek-Ixelles hospital ( rue Jean Paquot) while a collective of artists drew images of everyday heroes such as cleaners in various city locations.

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