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Luxemburg, the only country with free public transports in Europe

Saving money when travelling around? Head to Luxemburg. The country is the only one in Europe -and probably in the world- to offer free public transports all across the country.

The initiative started in February 2020 and it is valid for all public transports in the cities across the country- busses or tamway in luxemburg city but also for the network of regional trains. You start to pay tickets from the border town when travelling either to Belgium, France or Germany.

The decision to switch to free mobility is based on an ambitious programme to turn Luxemburg into an environment-friendly country. Free public transport can have a positive impact on the environment by attracting new users to switch from private car to public transport while minimising carbon emissions.

You might argue that Luxemburg can aford it. This is Europe's wealthiest country. And the Duchy is small enough to take such an initiative. The country is only 2 586,4 km2, three times the size of Singapore ( 724,2 km2 ) but twice as small as Bali (5 632 km2). It is possible to criss-cross the entire Duchy in less than an hour by train.

It could inspire some countries or cities in Southeast Asia (Singapore or Brunei?). Meanwhile, enjoy free riding to explore Luxemburg and its natural and cultural gems. It is worth the discovery! .

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