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Low cost high speed trains arrive in Spain

After low cost airlines, Europe is succumbing to the charms of low-cost high-speed trains. French rail company SNCF is already running OUIGO trains for eight years. The SNCF started the first low-cost trains services back to 2013 from stations located in Paris suburbs. Since then, the service has been extended to main rail stations in Paris and major regional towns. Ouigo trains serve today up to 40 cities with fares starting from 10 euros. trains can be either booked on SNCF website ( or OUIGO website ( but only in French language).

OUIGO is moving into Spain from May, offering fares as low as 9€ between Madrid and Barcelona with stops in Tarragona and Zaragossa. It will then face competition from July with the new lw cost high speed train of RENFE, the Spanish rail company. AVLO is the name of the low cost high speed train which will circulate up to four times daily between Madrid and Figueres. One train will every day stops in Zaragossa, Lleida, Tarragona, Barcelona, Girones and finally the coastal seaside resort of Figueres. All four trains will cover the section between Madrid and Barcelona. Fares will start from 5 Euros one way ( However for both OUIGO and AVLO, extras must be paid for additional luggage or seat reservation...

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